Garden Progress
The roses, lilacs, forsythia and rose of sharon from old riverbank gardens have been saved.  Plants from the old white Victorian garden that once graced the River bank have been brought back.  Several sacred plants that have connections to Europe and West Point have been planted and successfully maintained.  Native plants have also been included such as arrowwood, snakeroot, oswego tea, native plum, redbud.
Trees growing though the wooden and stone walls have been cut and removed.  Recycled broken stone edging was installed around the focal point of the Garden.
Four years of weeding Japanese knotweed and sumac and watering have successfully
maintained those plants amidst some thorny blackberry and multiflora intentionally left
to discourage the destruction of the “garden” plants.
An eagle visited the site just after the installation of the Kosciuska Healing Garden plaque.