Kosciuska Healing Garden

The Lackawanna Valley Conservancy and the Lackawanna River Conservation Association have partnered and supported Carol Gargan on this multifaceted project for over four years.  Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the beauty of the Kosciuska Healing Garden along the Lackawanna River.

The garden and its plants provide a living history, a way to learn and experience history, local, American and ethnic, in a living multisensory way.  It is not simply cosmetic or “pretty” it is a living book of history!

Located in North Scranton in back of the historic Silkman House, the Kosciuska Healing Garden is an effort to create a garden along the Lackawanna River as homage and sister garden to Kosciuszko's first American Garden constructed in 1778 along the Hudson at West Point.  Kosciuszko was a Lithuanian Pole who gardened wherever he dwelled.  Like some residents who had lived along the Lackawanna, roses, willows, flowering plants and trees marked where they had been.  Before The Army Corps of Engineers, founded at West Point, built a new levee along the Lackawanna, cuttings from lilacs, forsythia and the seven sisters and dawn roses were taken and planted in the Kosciuska Healing Garden.


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