RF '12 Duck-A-Thon
15th Annual LRCA Duck-A-Thon

The courageous LRCA flock of ten duckies takes a mid-river launch near the Middle Street Pumping station next to the Farmers Market into the waters of the Lackawanna River, for an exciting race to the finish at the Olive Street Bridge.

A cash prize of $500, $250, and $100 will be awarded to the lucky numbers of the first, second, and third place ducks respectively that cross the finish line.

Ducks are available for a $5 individual sponsorship, or sponsor a flock of eight for $20. 

Show the world you are supporting the work of the LRCA to help clean up, conserve, and protect the Lackawanna River and its watershed.  Share a Duck-A-Thon sponsorship with friends, colleagues, and employees.

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