Stormwater Community Outreach Program
"Thinking Globally and Acting Locally"

Through a public education partnership, the Lackawanna River Basin Sewer Authority (LRBSA) and the Lackawanna River Conservation Association are providing information and technical support for homeowners to better manage stormwater on their properties. 
Scranton gets an average of 37 inches of rain a year.  Some of that rain runs off the roof into the gutters and downspout, and in many older homes it runs into cast iron standpipes around the foundation of the house.  These pipes are connected to the home’s sewer pipe.  So the rainwater that flows into those pipes quickly becomes polluted and adds to the load of stormwater that flows into our sewer system.  That causes our municipal sewers to overflow into the Lackawanna River, Roaring Brook, Leggett’s Creek, or Stafford Meadow Brook.
A series of booklets and information pamphlets are available on stormwater management for homeowners in the Lackawanna River Watershed.  Information covers downspout disconnection, rain barrels, rain gardens and stormwater soakage trenches.  Also a Lackawanna River Citizens Water Quality handbook is available that provides information on ways to reduce and eliminate water pollution sources around the home.  These documents are available in a printed version on request.

Informational meetings will be held to open a dialogue with the public about our goals for clean water and how each of us can help reduce and eliminate water pollution sources.
You can contact the LRBSA or the LRCA to request information and technical assistance to disconnect downspouts or get advice on the installation of other stormwater management techniques that are appropriate for your property.

For more program information call the LRBSA at 570-489-7563 or the LRCA at 570-347-6311.

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