River Watch

Lackawanna River Watch is a program of the Lackawanna River Conservation Association (LRCA).  The LRCA organized River Watch to help learn about the environmental conditions and ecological health of the river, and to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about the environmental quality of the river and how the actions or inactions of the human community impact the environmental quality of the river.

Since the beginning of the River Watch program in 1989, citizen volunteer monitors have measured basic water quality parameters and collected macroinvertebrates at twenty-one sites on the Lackawanna River, five on Roaring Brook, and one on Aylesworth Creek.  The data collected has presented us with an overall picture of the river’s and its tributaries’ health.

River Watch Links of Interest:

Lackawanna River Watch Report: Macroinvertebrate Collections, 1991-1998  A report of the Lackawanna River Conservation Association Volunteer Monitoring Effort.

RiverWatch Sites

RiverWatch Field Data Sheet

Macroinvertibrates Sampling Data Sheet

Ode to a Biological Stream Monitor

Volunteer Monitoring Newsletter

Macroinvertebrates of the Lackawanna Watershed (Coming soon)

DVD & VHS of Macroinvertebrate and Water Sampling Training available: email the LRCA Office.

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