The Lackawanna River Conservation Association (LRCA) exists to “encourage the appropriate protection, development and management of the Lackawanna River and its adjacent lands.”  In order to enhance our capacity to carry out its’ Mission, the LRCA seeks to involve individuals, families, business interests and community institutions with the LRCA and its’ Mission.
The LRCA considers all persons who contribute funds or service or provide their volunteers time to be “members.”  The LRCA will work with all individuals to maximize their involvement with the River and LRCA regardless of their capacities or limitations.
In order to best manage the needs and interests of our members and maximize contributions to the LRCA, we encourage people join our memberships program.  Consider helping the LRCA continue its' work in the Lackawanna River Watershed.  Please complete the membership form and follow the payment options.

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